Tree Installation

Streamlined Process

It is our aim to have your order be a streamlined process. We take care of digging, transporting and transplanting, using our team and equipment to do what needs to be done. We are equipped to handle your large scale or small-scale tree transplanting and installation job.

Sustainable Practices

Jeffers Farms Offers Trees to the Retail Consumer and Includes Installation and Maintenance Services

Balled & Burlapped Evergreens are dug in early spring or fall when they are dormant.

Customers can hand pick trees from our fields during early spring or fall or pick from our preselected trees during the entire growing season, May- November.

We also dig and move YOUR evergreen & shade trees, up to 25’ evergreens or up to 9” caliper shade trees, using our truck spade. The truck spade is comparable in size to a concrete truck, so there are sometimes accessibility issues with this type of work.

Timing of this type of tree installation varies depending on species of tree selected. Call for details.

Installation Methods

The installation methods of trees in general depends upon the size of the trees that are purchased. With Balled & Burlapped trees, the size & weight of the tree & root ball can range from 300-12000 pounds or more, so we highly recommend relying on us to install larger trees.

Installation of Balled & Burlapped evergreen and shade trees can be a heavy & involved process. How well the tree survives the transplant & thrive in the future depends on properly transporting & planting the tree.

This installation process begins with identifying any utility lines, sprinkler systems or anything else that may be buried in the ground where the trees are to be planted. Jeffers Farms will provide the customer with white flags to mark the desired tree locations.

We use skidsteers with rubber tracks for installing Balled & Burlapped trees, including for digging holes, transporting the trees to the holes, as well as to remove excess dirt.

Complete Installation of Balled & Burlapped trees includes initiating the phone call notifying the utility companies of the digging, delivery of the tree to the site, digging holes required, setting tree in hole, backfilling dirt around root ball, removing excess dirt, and site cleanup.  Additional services offered include watering of trees, mulching of root balls, and staking if needed, along with long-term maintenance tasks.  We include a 1 year guarantee on the tree if we install and provide all of the necessary maintenance during that year. 

Tree Spade Installation

The Tree Spade is used to move very large trees across your property or a short distance over the road. We can generally transplant up to 25 ft. tall evergreens or 9 in. diameter shade trees.  Since this truck is so large & heavy, there are limitations to where it can go on any site. Every site is different, so we will come out and look at the site and then suggest the best possible action.


Digging a large White Pine with the Truck Spade

Site Visit Fee

We charge a fee of $65 to visit your planting site within 30 miles of Kingsley, PA and make a professional recommendation that includes the best species, pre-planting remediation such as water control, and tree site selection that will optimize the health of the trees.  If a planting package is purchased, the $65 fee is credited towards the purchase price.  Please ask for site visit fee details if your site is in excess of 30 miles.    

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